"Middle age" tour hit Jianbin Mei Ting Shou-yeh hand in pursuing dreams

"Middle age" tour hit Jianbin Mei Ting Shou-yeh hand in pursuing dreams

  19:30 every night, large urban emotional drama "middle age" tour is Zhejiang TV, China Blue Theater hit, Tencent video, love the Fantastic Art, Youku 24:00 synchronized. The play, directed by Han Jie Jianbin producer, producer Cai Xiaoli, producer Yang Weihua carefully built, Jianbin, Mei Ting, Tu Song Yan, Liu Wei Wei, in Minga, Zhang Shu, Chi Jia, Wu Xiaomin, Zhang Mu seed, Xu Wenguang, Guo small and other stars, after the launch of the ratings, both higher heat, CSM63 provincial TV City TV ratings first Golden Theater, ratings% to lead the country, the story related topics quickly boarded the multi-platform hot search, triggered a mass for the survival of the status quo drift north eager to discuss, but also its character posters relations today officially exposure, three lines hint hidden emotion, raised high expectations. Inspirational core enabling excellent quality Jianbin Mei Ting roles who set off hot "middle age Tour" focus city a sense of belonging, emotional choice, female growth, social responsibility and the value of the current hot topics such as feelings entrepreneurs to warm inspirational perspective, It tells the story of book publishers Marxist literature teacher simple twists and turns, the story of the life of laughter. In just aired the story, the male Marxist literature (Jianbin ornaments) a successful career, but the complexity of family status and physical bookstore precarious fate also make it worried. Under accidentally, quite a dramatic interview to make simple (Mei Ting ornaments) and life path of Marxist literature quietly Fair, meanwhile, has suffered a simple change in the situation on the eve of marriage, career and love twinkling of an eye "cleared "…… there is reverse of fate, there is bitterness cut to the heart, and there are some easy humor," middle age "tour the lens at the metropolis, the survival status of the little guy, the output resonate through all the details: the Marxist literature headache for daughter rebellious, beginning to "drift north" simple almost missed the interview with her boyfriend Feng Chunsheng (Tu Song Yan ornaments) to discuss rent or buy, parents and other circumstances to marry together the audience is more known as the "1: 1 type reduction." The first day of launch, "middle age" tour brisk performance, CSM63 provincial TV City TV ratings first Golden Theater, ratings% to lead the country.

At the same time, "Mei Ting Jianbin people set drama," "True North drift life is what", "how much bitterness older drift north" and other topics related to the plot have boarded the major social networking platform Trending high, Condition for the initiation of discussion, realism quality of the whole network can see reflected. Dark Horse class performance comes after the launch, producer Cai Xiaoli said, "This is a very live streaming, immersive story, but also a very clear point of culture, the hero around the classics, have read a lot of spiritual exchange and discussion of, this is currently on the market most of the realistic theme film and television work is somewhat different, want to give the audience and the market can bring some freshness to the homogenization. "the new poster exposure guess embedded space acting roles lead to multi-ring adapter layer resonance "middle age" tour hit the occasion, a new set of relationships between the characters posters surprises exposure. Jianbin and Mei Ting, Tu Song Yan and Zhang Shu, Minga and in the late Kerry twenty-two box with fresh appearance, or firm, or affection, or indifferent eyes, a thousand words, Unspoken …… but prickly cactus and Health, climbing vines and on the dandelion by the wind and Park were also fit to play these three development lines of emotion, apart from ingenuity, but also left a rich guess space. High degree of adaptation between actor and role, and often is the key to a quality drama.

In the "middle age" tour, the gas field and comes with Jianbin, president of the identity of the Marxist literature complement each other, while in the care of the household had the role of Mei Ting "Do not talk to strangers" and "parental love" as played by teachers are also , they overwhelmed the first time cooperation, opponents continue to play a chemical reaction, the Marxist literature behind domineering goodwill and transparent, simple get affordable, fit, and the audience can not help knowing introspection.

Producer Yang Weihua said, "from the character point of view," middle age "tour to show the struggle in the big city, diverse spheres of life, from college students just entering society, to mature audience has a certain life experience, I believe a lot of people able to find their own shadow. " TV drama "middle age" tour, Ltd. Hai Bona culture media from Wuhan, Beijing Tian Ye Television Media Co., Ltd., Wuhan Yue Ling boxes Culture Media Co., Ltd. produced. In the next story, the Marxist literature and simple to ride abroad will accompany Mu Ka treatment, which is the emotional temperature of the two key stages.

So, how simple and gentle "conquer" the rebellious student Mu Ka? Feng Chunsheng and the availability of Zhuo Zhuo Xiaoting love the Father recognized? What unexpected Christina Wang’s return will be brought to Marxism and Leninism and simple? 19:30 every night, Tune Zhejiang TV, China Blue Theater "middle age Tour", the new video Tencent, love Fantastic Art, Youku 24:00.