"Every editor must be tried", don’t forget the "mass audit"

"Every editor must be tried", don’t forget the "mass audit"

  The national standards for the first batch of digital textbooks in primary and secondary schools will be implemented on November 1, 2022. According to the requirements of the new standards, the duration of a single video in digital textbooks is "limited". The primary school stage is no more than 20 minutes, and the middle school stage is not over 25 minutes. And digital textbooks should be "compiled by compilation", and have higher publication quality requirements than general network publications.

(May 30 of the "Beijing Daily" "Fan Editor’s Must -review" is the key to ensuring the quality of digital textbooks. However, we must work on the "review" and resolutely prohibit the "textbook illustration" incident that has recently appeared.

  The recent exposure of the "textbook illustration" incident has a serious political position deviation and aesthetic standards, which sounds the alarm bell for our textbook construction.

The construction of teaching materials construction has educated plans, and the relationship can cultivate the values, life outlook, and world outlook of a new generation of children. In this "textbook illustration" lesson, we must learn carefully and resolutely eliminate similar incidents. Avoid the "textbook illustration" incident, the key is to work in the "trial", and the next three aspects need to be used. The first is to review the political stance. The textbook is served for politics and serves the people. The second is to review the aesthetic standards. The textbook must meet the public aesthetic standards. Temptation; Third, it is necessary to accept the audit of the public. The masses here are teachers, students, parents who use textbooks. Teaching materials must be hearing, combined offline and online, and accepting "mass review". The eyes of the masses are bright, and everyone’s wisdom is powerful. The products of some experts’ "deformity theory", as well as the textbooks of the review experts captured by individual interests, will inevitably expose the "fox tail" in the face of the audit of the masses.

For example, this "textbook illustration" incident, under the public, ugly, beautiful, seemed to know.

  The textbook reviews the people’s supremacy and educate first. Education is served for the country. It serves the times and must have a firm political position and rigorous aesthetic standards. Education is to cultivate the flowers of the motherland and serve the people. It must adhere to the people’s supremacy.

  The development of the times, the Internet is surging.

Teaching materials keep pace with the times and are inevitable. Digital textbooks "Fan Editor must be trial" is the last word, but let this "hard last" take root, flowering and fruitful, and fragrant children’s hearts need to be strictly controlled in the "trial" without any problems.

"Volkswagen Audit" is the most important level. The author recommends that the national textbook review department establishes a mechanism to establish a mechanism around the "public review" and formulate standards to become a established procedure.

Let the textbook first accept the baptism of the people before becoming a child’s textbook. This must be a hard rule. The textbook is not the "self -staying" of some experts, and the textbook cannot be a "cash machine" for some people. Textbooks should be the "hopes field" for children’s growth, and the must -have object of "mass review". Textbooks are the image of education, the source of children’s growth, and the carrier of the positive power of the country. We must carefully make, take care, and use it carefully.

  In the Internet era, digital culture has created convenient conditions for the "mass review" for digital textbooks, and it has also created a good environment for the "public review" of "paper textbooks". The author expects that whether it is a "digital textbook" or "paper textbook", it must have a good "public review" level. Editor Yin Jianguang:.