The top -level design is released on the biological economy to open the trillion new market

The top -level design is released on the biological economy to open the trillion new market

[] Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "14th Five -Year Plan" biological economic development plan (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") pointed out that my country is one of the countries with the richest biological resources and the widest life and health consumption market in the world, and some biotechnology products The service has been in the first echelon. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of the development of the biological economy, promote the empowerment of economic and social development, accelerate the construction of a modern biological industry system, orderly promoting the protection and utilization of biological resources, and focusing on becoming bigger and stronger. It is worth mentioning that this is the first time in my country to design and coordinate the biological economy.

  In this regard, industry insiders said that the blueprint for the development of biological economy is increasingly clearer. It should systematically plan and promote the high -quality development of my country’s biological economy as a whole. Relying on a strong domestic market, the scale of one trillion -dollar biological economy industry is expected to be formed quickly, becoming an important economic development in my country, and it has become an important economic development in China. growth point.

  The top -level design and drawing industry development blueprint "Planning" proposed that during the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, the integration and innovation of biotechnology and information technology, accelerating the development of biomedical, biological breeding, biomedical materials, biological energy and other industries, bigger and stronger biological economy Essence

  A industry insider said that from the perspective of the development of my country’s biological industry, the added value of the biological industry in 2013 had reached 10 trillion yuan, accounting for nearly 10%of the GDP at that time. Therefore, the top -level planning of the biological economy was further high -quality development of the industry. Objective needs. Wang Xiang, deputy director of the High Technology Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that my country is one of the countries with the richest biological resources in the world. The biological industry categories and systems are complete. The rapid and healthy development of the biological economy lays a solid foundation. In recent years, the scale of biological economic development in my country has continued to expand, and the biological industry system has become increasingly improved, and the upstream and downstream industrial chains that have formed R & D, manufacturing and application.

In this context, my country has become the world’s largest exporter, the second largest pharmaceutical and medical device consumer market, and an important drug research and development service trade exporter. Xu Tao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that my country’s ability to innovate in biotechnology in China has increased significantly, the number of R & D investment and patent papers has increased significantly, and major innovation results have continued to emerge. The industrial agglomeration effect showed the acceleration of various R & D factors and manufacturing links, and a number of unique biological industrial bases were cultivated around key areas such as biomedical, biomedical engineering, biological agriculture, and biological manufacturing. pole. In this context, the scale of the biological economy industry is expected.

According to Bai Jingyu, the director of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Innovation Driving Center, Bai Jingyu revealed that by 2025, my country’s total biological economy will reach 22 trillion yuan, of which the total number of core industries will exceed trillion yuan.

  生物医药行业发展有望进一步提速徐涛表示,近年来,各国纷纷加大对生命科学和生物医药等领域的支持力度,围绕基因组学、脑与认知科学、合成生物学、精准医疗、生物医药、高端Investment in the fields of medical devices, biological breeding, biomass energy, and biological safety has continued to increase.

In particular, due to the impact and influence of the new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, some countries and major biomedical companies have increased investment in biological safety, vaccine and drug research and development, and objectively promote the period of accelerated development of the biological economy. "Planning" guides this.

Strengthen the basic research of originality and leading, aim at clinical medicine and health management, new drug creation, brain science, synthetic biology, biochemical breeding, new causes of infectious disease prevention and control, and biological safety, and implement major national scientific and technological projects and Focus on R & D plans.

Strengthen the traction of major national scientific and technological infrastructure, deploy leading facilities in advance, and accelerate the construction of transformation of medical research, multi -mode cross -scale biomedical imaging, and other construction.

  At the same time, it is clear that the development of new technologies such as gene diagnosis and treatment, stem cell therapy, and immune cell therapy, strengthen the cooperation linkage of industry, research, research, accelerate the transformation and clinical application of related technical products, promote the formation of a new model of recycled medicine and precision medicine; accelerate vaccine research and development and production technology iteration Upgrade, develop multi -price vaccine, develop new genetic engineering vaccines, treats the treatment, improve the ability to respond to major intense infectious diseases; accelerate the development of high -throughput gene sequencing technology, and promote new generation of sequencing technological innovation marked by single molecular sequencing; Promote the high quality development path of Chinese medicine, encourage traditional Chinese medicine inheritance and innovation; enhance the level of guaranteeing the high -end product and equipment supply chain of biomedicine, ensure the health of the people’s lives; improve the original innovation capabilities of biomedical materials products.

  Cai Mingzi, an open source securities analyst, said that after small molecules and antibody drugs, a new generation of precision medical treatment represented by gene therapy rises rapidly.

As some important gene therapy drugs have been included in the medical insurance systems of developed countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan, gene therapy drugs are also accelerating, and it is expected to lead the third industrial change of biomedicine.

Compared with small molecules and macromolecular pharmaceuticals, gene therapy is more dependent on the amount of genetic mechanism, high -threshold process development and large -scale production, strict regulatory supervision requirements, limited industrialized experience, differentiated indications, and differentiated indications. In the development of outsourcing services.

We expect that with the rapid development of the cell and gene therapy industry, China is expected to overtake the curve.

  Chinese cell immunotherapy (CAR-T) has performed well internationally.

BOC Securities Pharmaceutical Biological Analyst Deng Zhouyu said that on February 14, Cinda Bio and reindeer medical treatment jointly announced that the FDA has awarded the CAR-T injection solution qualification identification of the CAR-T injection solution of the All-Source BCMA developed by the two companies. On February 28, the CAR-T therapy of the legendary biological BCMA was officially approved by FDA. This is the first domestic CAR-T therapy approved by FDA. This is also a breakthrough in the milestone of Chinese Innovation Pharmaceuticals after the domestic innovation medicine. The problem of reducing the development of "tie" is still yet to be solved. Although my country’s biological economy has developed rapidly in recent years, compared with the international advanced level, my country still has a lot of room for improvement in technological innovation in key areas and key links.

  "The development of biological economy in my country also faces many challenges.

For example, the original innovation capabilities are still weak, the basic life science theory, the key common technology of the bottom layer, high -end instruments and reagents, biological information resources, etc. are not enough. Improved, there are relatively few companies with international competitiveness, and the century -old epidemic impacts international open cooperation. "Wang Xiang said. Xu Tao also pointed out that there are still problems such as poor original innovation capabilities and key core technologies in my country’s biological economic development. It has not been cultivated to form an internationally leading scientific research institution and industry -leading enterprises with leading role. Wang Xuegong, vice chairman of the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, admits that although about ten years, the investment in the industry has increased significantly, and thousands of new drugs have entered the entry of thousands of new drugs. Clinically, hundreds of new drugs have carried out international multi -center clinical trials, and the number of new drugs is increasing.

However, there is a gap between the products based on following innovation, serious research and development of homogeneity, and some cutting -edge technologies and international advanced levels. According to the "Annual Report of the Status of the Recommended Clinical Test in China (2020)", the homogeneity of biopharmaceutical targets is concentrated in PD-1, VEGFR, PD-L1, etc. Cell therapy is still mainly CD19 targets; the main concentration of indications is mainly concentrated In the fields of antitumor and infection.

Although the overall clinical registration growth of 2020 was increased by%, and 78%were initiated by domestic applicants. The overall strength of local innovative pharmaceutical companies increased, and there were serious homogeneity and "tie" of popular tracks. Competitive whiteness.

  In this regard, Wang Xuegong suggested that on the one hand, we should integrate resources to continue to increase basic research and investment, strengthen the construction of national strategic technology forces, and carry out forward -looking layouts around the major issues of life and health, and strive to strive for a new generation of biotechnology and new drugs. Breakthroughs in targets and action mechanisms, biotechnology and information technology cross -integration. On the other hand, we should further improve the transformation system of scientific and technological achievements, improve the incentive mechanism, fully activate the innovative resources of universities, research institutes, and hospitals, promote the transfer of basic research results to the industrial end, and transform the application in the most efficient way. All texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and digital media products such as "Economic Reference Daily" or "Economic Reference Network" are all economic reference newspapers. Any form of published or played.