"Cloud Tourism" brings new opportunities for the development of the industry to see "Poetry and Far" without leaving the house

"Cloud Tourism" brings new opportunities for the development of the industry to see "Poetry and Far" without leaving the house

  Appreciate the beauty online, enrich the sightseeing experience "cloud tourism" brings new opportunities for industry development to live online scenery, create AR (augmented reality) smart scenic spots, and open online museums … In recent years, in order to meet the growing travel needs of people during epidemic prevention prevention during epidemic prevention prevention periods A variety of "cloud tourism" products came into being. Without leaving home, when I saw the "Poems and Far" epidemic prevention, the tourism industry was greatly impacted, and the new idea of ??"cloud tourism" in the industry was urged. With the increasing development of information technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, many scenic spots use digital, networked, intelligent improvement culture and tourism supply quality. Through video, live broadcast, virtual reality, etc. The comprehensive understanding and exploration of the ground meets the curiosity of tourists’ curiosity about tourist destinations during the epidemic prevention during the epidemic prevention. For example, on the basis of the original "Play of the Forbidden City" applet, the Palace Museum has newly upgraded the "smart opening" project.

The project explores the application of AR real -life navigation in the application of the Forbidden City.

The access of AR and panoramic technology breaks through the restrictions of the traditional museum visits and space. You can browse the panoramic palace at any time. Even if you are not in the Forbidden City or closed the library day, you can enjoy the empty Forbidden City. Cases such as the "Smart Open" project like the Palace Museum have sprung up in the country like rain. In December 2021, the Department of Resources Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism released a typical case of smart tourism in 2021, and a total of 27 projects were selected. "’Cloud Tourism’ will promote industrial transformation and development, and achieve a good harvest of social value and economic value." Liu Lei, an associate professor at the School of Tourism Management of Shenyang Normal University, said that although many scenic spots across the country are closed during the epidemic prevention period, many scenic spots are in order to meet tourists to meet tourists The desire to use the scenic video surveillance system to open the "cloud tourism" model. Through a rich and three -dimensional expression, "cloud tourism" enables consumers to realize the dream of "poetry and distant" at home. Diverse needs, calling for rich tourism products China Youth Daily Social Survey Center recently released the "Youth Cloud Tourism Survey Report" shows that%of the respondents will choose "cloud tourism", and%of the respondents expressed their "cloud tourism" The experience is good, and%of the respondents believe that "cloud tourism" enriches its travel experience. In the choice of attractions, the attention of the respondents is different.

The "Youth Cloud Tourism Survey Report" shows that%of the respondents use natural landscapes as the most interesting "cloud tourism" destination.

Historical ruins and red tourist attractions account for%and%, respectively. Facing the diversified needs of "cloud tourism", experts believe that in the future "cloud tourism" should focus on excavating Internet platform tour data, and make more and more accurate reflections on the tourism market, travelers’ preferences, platform content evaluations, etc., and can be predicted to judge. Visitors’ consumer trends, reputation trends, and traffic trends, accurately give a reasonable "cloud tourism" solution. True and sensational, while gradually improving the immersion experience, while "cloud tourism" is favored, many netizens believe that "cloud tourism" cannot be satisfied with the replacement supplement position. "The main problem existing.

In October 2021, a domestic content platform was apologized to users because of the filter over the use of attractions. Experts point out that the unrealistic sense of "cloud tourism" is mainly due to the insufficient reduction of science and technology for the sense of tourism experience, and the cultural meaning of tourism is separated from the tourism. At present, "Cloud Tourism" has a better technical foundation. In the future, we must continue to increase the in -depth application of AR, VR (virtual reality), AI, big data and other technologies in cultural tourism scenic spots. In addition, no matter what high -tech is used, the content is king, and the unique cultural pulse of each region and cities must be found. Tourism companies, various platforms and management agencies should be good at cultivating more professional compound talents, especially to dig more "cloud tourism" content producers.

In addition, online tourism platforms should strengthen the training of tourist practitioners and improve their Internet skills and local cultural knowledge.

  It is understood that through "cloud tourism", many people want to have the opportunity to travel on the spot.

"The online and offline integration of the tourism industry will be further developed." Liu Lei believes that on the one hand, "cloud" technology such as live broadcast and VR brings vitality and vitality to the tourism industry during epidemic prevention. On the other hand, "cloud tourism" also Become a new highlight of the tourism industry, bringing a new tourist experience. "Import online traffic into offline, improve service quality and efficiency through offline feedback, extend and improve the tourism industry chain, reshape the tourism value chain, promote the diversified, layered, and dynamic development of tourism services, and realize the integration of tourism elements Operation will be the development trend of the future tourism industry.

"(Li Yaoyao).