Poland Shengwell Welcome to the European National League "opening the door"

Poland Shengwell Welcome to the European National League "opening the door"

Xinhua News Agency, Warsaw, June 1st (Reporter Zhang Zhang Zhang and Zhou Nan) In the European National League football game on the 1st, the Polish team in the fourth group of A -class defeated the Wales 2: 1 at home and ushered in the "opening of the door."

The Polish team sent the main offensive forces such as Lewan Dorvsky and Zelinski, but at the goalkeeper position, the 23 -year -old Grabara topped the Jehnus goalkeeper Shiccus goalkeeper. As the key competition of the World Cup European qualifiers will be ushered in the weekend, the Welsh team hides Bell and other players in this game. After the start of the game, the rhythm was not fast, and the two sides had offense and defense. The Polish team took advantage of the leader of Captain Ryan Dorobsky.

The Welsh team who fought again, the away combat of the battle. In the 52nd minute, the midfield player Williams threatened a low -shot hole and penetrated the ten fingers of Grabara. The Polish team subsequently changed two players.

In the 72nd minute, Kuminuski, who had just played, stopped the ball in the penalty area and equalized the score. In the 85th minute, Lavan’s shot caused the opponent’s chaos, and the alternative Havidelsky went to pick up the score.

On the 3rd, the Belgian team in the fourth group of Belgium and the Dutch team will start a matchup; on the 8th, the Polish team will challenge Belgium away.