[Think Tank Sishan] Sun Jiashan: The Apocalypse of the Cognitive War in the Russian and Ukraine Conflict

[Think Tank Sishan] Sun Jiashan: The Apocalypse of the Cognitive War in the Russian and Ukraine Conflict

Literature | The associate researcher of Sun Jialhan Chinese Academy of Arts and the Deputy Secretary -General of the Youth Working Committee of the Chinese Literary and Art Critics Association Russia and Ukani has attracted widespread attention since the outbreak. The influence is to further precipitate the time.

However, the role and effectiveness of the cognitive war based on media cognition in Russia and Ukraine have been pulled to a new historical height since the Gulf War in 1991.

The Gulf War in 1991 has been more than 30 years since it has been, but the image memory of that war has been in a relatively clear state, because it is the first time that the TV media in human history participates in the specific process of the war.

Informatization, digitalization and other forms of modern warfare, through the "all -weather" broadcast of American television media at that time, had a great psychological impact on the world. However, in the Gulf War in 1991, even if the TV live and the "desert storm" and other military operations were almost completely synchronized, it created a precedent for large -scale live wars in human history. The TV medium still only serves the war narrative. It will not affect the specific form and process of war.

The role and effectiveness of the cognitive war played in the Russian and Ukraine conflict are different from the biggest difference between the Gulf War in 1991. With the comprehensive arrival of the mobile Internet era, cognitive war issues and agenda based on media cognition began to directly affect the modern war. Specific form and process.

Whether it was eventually confirmed to be the so -called "Kyiv Ghost" edited by the air combat simulation game in the early days of the Russian and Ukraine conflict, or abducted public opinion through rumors such as the Dazapiru nuclear power plant, or it was claimed to announce the online and lower level officers of the Russian army online on the Internet Typical cyber violence such as personal information such as soldiers and the majority of soldiers, "deep forgery" and "acceleration" and other cognitive routines that conform to the media cognitive characteristics of the mobile Internet era have begun to be applied to the specific and large -scale application to the specifics. In the war process. Corresponding to the informatization and digital forms of the Gulf War in 1991, the current Russian -Ukraine conflict presents the intelligent and computing form of the war -on war. The various signs of the initial stage of the Russian and Ukraine conflict show that the reason why the former Soviet Union’s concept of war and deep operations failed to achieve the ability to perceive the entire battlefield. The gap, the relevant algorithms of artificial intelligence technology are playing an increasingly important role in modern war. Therefore, through the informatization combat platforms such as NATO and the powerful computing power behind it, the weak Ukrainian army has actually achieved the intelligent increase of military power. In this sense, the media cognitive effect of the mobile Internet era is not just a comprehensive real -time report war in the sense of traditional media, but in the form of a cognitive war, it has become an organic component of modern warfare in the form of a cognitive war.

As the continuation of politics, the war is the first to meet the national interests behind politics. For the contemporary capitalist world, in addition to the interests of national countries, there is also the interests of multinational monopoly capital. Therefore, the cognitive war is no longer a simple summary of the concepts of propaganda and psychological warfare in the past sense. The form of the contemporary cognitive war can not only cooperate with the war of physical space, but also develop daily in the virtual space of the peaceful age; it can be developed through public diplomacy, academic exchanges, culture and art, or simply hidden in Meta, pushing push Special, Tiktok, Telegram, etc. in seemingly harmless videos and pictures. As far as my country is concerned, it is truly reflected in the online community gathered by young people such as Weibo, B, Douban, and Zhihu.

However, in Russia and Ukraine’s conflict, the first time the cognitive war was combined with a large -scale war, it showed the spectrum perception ability, the relevant algorithm of artificial intelligence technology, and the powerful behind it with the empty world of the battlefield. Wars and political efficiency after computing power organically integrated.

In mobile Internet applications such as META, Twitter, Tiktok, Telegram, etc., through "deep falsification" and "acceleration" and other methods, deliberately mobilize the emotions, perceptual experience and collective unconsciousness of the target group, release extremist speech, create extreme opposition emotions, kidnapped Public opinion, manipulation of public opinion, cognitive war based on the media cognition of the mobile Internet era, can directly interfere with relevant government decisions, affect the form and process of war, and even trends.

This is also a historical alarm that Russia’s conflict sounds for us.

In the Chinese context, various hostile forces such as "Taiwan independence", "Hong Kong independence", and "milk tea alliance" that have clearly expressed the tendency and demands of the extreme right wing have shown various hostile forces such as the "milk tea alliance". The right -wing hostile forces began to penetrate into the realistic context of my country’s penetration through the emerging entertainment forms such as games, animation, etc., and they cannot look at domestic related industries in a traditional one -size -fits -all method. It will undoubtedly give valuable cognitive battle positions.

As pointed out by the government work report this year, strengthen and innovate the construction of the Internet, and deepen network ecological governance. Taking the Russian -Ukraine conflict and the reactions of relevant parties and the so -called sanctions, we should also actively encourage various emerging entertainment forms in my country’s mobile Internet field to produce more excellent digital cultural products, and vigorously cultivate our mobile Internet applications and platforms Essence At the same time, in recent years, the hostile forces such as "deep falsification" and "acceleration" and other methods such as "Sino -Thailand netizens" scolding war "and Xinjiang cotton incidents should be carried out. Perform various forms of punishment and sanctions on "Taiwan independence", "Hong Kong independence" and "Milk Tea Alliance", and further determine the national extension of the interests of the virtual space. The national security issue provides a clear legal basis to prepare the necessary ideological preparations for the motherland.